About Us

In 1989 Aquarium and Sales opened its doors in Colorado Springs. It’s goal was to provide a way for businesses of all design to have an aquarium that would provide relaxation for all who were visiting there. It was and is still the only local Aquarium leasing business.
At the same time Brent and Jan Young were raising all types of colorful freshwater fish from many different areas. From colorful angelfish to catfish we have had many breeds of fish over the many years.
In 2014, Aquarium Leasing and Sales was purchased by Brent and Jan, when they realized that the business had been run by a very successful person whose ideas and developments were very much in agreement with how we felt an aquarium should be designed.
Many Aquariums have been created and placed in hospitals, dentists offices, pediatric offices and many other areas each one created to complement an individual environment. No two aquariums are the same and each one is maintained and cared for by people who love and enjoy these underwater specimens.